Marina Blue Condo Tour January 2008

Presented on - Originally posted on January 19th, 2008 by Samir Patel
Today I finally was able to get into Marina Blue in Downtown Miami to take photos and to preview some 1 and 2 bedroom units. I was able to see units on the 44th floor and while I did not have an opportunity to get into every single line I now do have a better sense of which units will hold up best in terms of value. Overall I was very impressed by the views - at least from the 44th floor. I prefer the views from the 08 to the 01 lines but mainly because I like a concrete jungle mixed in with my water views. The 10 and 11 lines are great in the sense they have great direct bayviews in a one bedroom, which is tough to find in a brand new condo in Downtown. (Many new condos put studios and one bedrooms on the west side of the building/city view side). So here are the photos: The 08 line is by far the best line of the standard floorplans, offering tons of glass throughout the unit. This creates a unique effect as you are walking around in the space. From the building you have views of the cruise ships, the Port of Miami, American Airlines Arena, Downtown, South Beach and even the ocean all the way in the distance. I was also able to see one of the large floorplans on the 45th floor which is a combined 10 and 11 line from the standard floorplans. This unit was very nice because you have both bedrooms facing North East. I also had an opportunity to see an 01 line and it was hot! It was scorching in there but we were in this unit around 4:30pm with the sun getting ready to set and without window treatments and air conditioning. However this line was impressive with the extra glass throughout the unit. As far as the overall building, the contractors were busy at work on finishing the lobby. I didn't see anyone on the pool deck as it looked pretty much complete minus a few tiles here and there that need to be laid. Just like the renderings, you have a very impressive "sky beach" with sand everywhere. I like the way this looks but I don't know how practical this is. I think this could be very difficult to maintain in the future. Both pools were filled, one on the North West side and one on the South East side. The pool deck had sand, decking, grass, water and shade. It truly felt like an oasis. After seeing the building in the condition it was today, I would expect closings to begin shortly. This is a long term investment. Anyone who bought very early in preconstruction can be assured they have a quality development and the architecture is amazing. It is a very unique development and will be very desirable in resales and also in rental demand. I would urge most contract holders to close. If you are interested in purchasing in Marina Blue, need advice or want to schedule a tour give me a call - Samir