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We specialize in luxury new construction properties and Patel Real Estate, Inc. was founded by Samir Patel as a specialty real estate brokerage to assist buyers and sellers of luxury new-construction properties in South Florida. I also have a network of the best specialists in particular buildings in the South Florida area which I partner with on occasion so you as a seller have the power of two brokers marketing. We can help investors and sellers reach potential buyers in an efficient manner and also online.

Property Listing and Selling Services: Patel Real Estate, Inc. is the premiere choice for representation when considering listing a property for sale in the complicated market that is South Florida. Behind the leadership of Samir Patel – principal broker of Patel Real Estate, Inc. our team is dedicated to aggressively marketing your property for sale.

I use cutting-edge tools and techniques to maximize exposure for all of my client’s properties. I specialize in marketing high-end homes, condominiums and lofts.

This website reaches thousands of visitors daily from around the globe. Our visitors reach us through other major websites as well as though direct linking from our commercials and videos watched on YouTube. We often receive referrals from people around the globe whom we have never even met personally but as an effect of our world-wide branding efforts.

I do not list a property which I don’t believe I can sell! You won’t hear agent speak from me. Let’s not waste time.

I will not take a listing if we don’t believe I can sell it. My time is valuable just as yours. My team’s mission is to sell a property quickly and in order to do that we must focus all of our time and resources to this task.

Custom Services and Products:
Your property will be listed on the MLS Database
Aggressive Internet Advertising and Marketing
SEO optimized on Google and Yahoo search
Advertising on
Open Houses for Brokers (if not tenant occupied)
Extensive Professional Photography
Full-motion Video Tour
E-mail Marketing to other Brokers
We have up-to-the-minute access to all comps.

Example of Internet Video Advertising

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